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Ceramic Coatings for Cars in Georgetown, TX

Ceramic coating of a blue sports car shining in the sun.

Ceramic Coating Packages

All Ceramic Coating Packages listed come with a "Clean Slate" wash removing any previous wax or polymer coatings, paint de-ironizer to remove brake dust and other contaminants, No Mediocre Clay Bar treatment to remove tar Ect, either single stage paint correction or 2 stage paint correction/polishing, alcohol wipe down prior to applying the ceramic coating for best adhesion and highest gloss. Before we do any polishing we mask off any areas that will not be receiving compound application to prevent any compound sling from ending up on trim surfaces, tires, Ect.

Level 1

70% Single Stage Paint Correction 

3 Year Ceramic Coating 

Primary Exterior Painted Surfaces Only

Car $950

Truck $1150

Van $1190

SUV $1110

Level 2

85-90% 2 Stage Paint Correction 

5 Year Ceramic Coating 

Wheels Removed and Deep Cleaned, Brake Calipers Cleaned and Ceramic Coated.

Car $1250

Truck $1450

Van $1590

SUV $1410

Level 3

85-90% 2 Stage Paint Correction 

7 Year Ceramic Coating 

Everything in Stage 2 Plus Door Jams, Interior  and Exterior Trim Coating

Car $1450

Truck $1850

Van $1990

SUV $1910

Level 4

85-90% 2 Stage Paint Correction 

10 Year Ceramic Coating 

Everything in Stage 3 Plus Glass, and 5 year coating on Leather or Vynal seats  

Car $2600

Truck $2990

Van $3110

SUV $3170

Al La Cart Services

Set of 4 Wheels Only :

3 year $290

5 year $390

7 year $450

Brake Calipers and Wheels:

3 year $390

5 year $490

7 year $550

Valve Covers

5 Year Coating

$250 Most Vehicles

Why Choose No Mediocre’s Ceramic Coatings for Cars? 

At No Mediocre, we offer's the best ceramic coatings for cars in the greater Georgetown, TX area. We use a high-gloss finish that provides a much higher-quality appearance compared to any OEM paint or gel coat product available on the market. No Mediocre’s ceramic coatings also provide an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s exterior. These coatings are extremely durable, and they don’t wash or wear away from exposure to environmental conditions such as harsh weather, UV fading, dust storms, etc. They’ll also protect your vehicle from minor scratches. 

Solid Investment 

Protects your automobile’s exterior finish for the life of the vehicle. Helps maintain your vehicle’s price value. Great return on investment! 

Reduced Upkeep 

Ceramic coating prevents dust, dirt, and tar from adhering to your vehicle’s paint, windows, and wheels. Washing and detailing of your car will be far less frequent. 

Maintains an Immaculate Appearance at All Times 

After we’ve applied our top-of-the-line ceramic coating, your vehicle will have that fresh-off-the-lot, glossy, shiny finish. Our finish will give your vehicle that astonishing mirror effect. 

Quality Over Quantity 

Instead of flooding ourselves with back-to-back clients, we care more about each individual person as a whole. We take our time to ensure we hold our work to the highest standard. 

Resilient Coating 

Our ceramic coatings have demonstrated time and again to be more than ideal for surfaces that have been exposed to expansion and deformation. 


Able to withstand temperatures reaching 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for valve covers and brake calipers. 

In addition to providing this amazing service for cars, we offer it for boats as well! To discover more about our amazing ceramic coatings for cars in Georgetown, TX, call us at 737-245-4376 today. 

Let the professionals at No Mediocre make your vehicle look great again! 

Why No Mediocre Ceramic Coating? 

Protective Qualities

UV Protection


Polymer Sealants

Traditional Wax

Oxidation Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Stain Resistance

All Surface Protection



Our ceramic coatings are a high gloss finish that exceeds OEM paint or gel coat quality this means your vehicle or boat will be shinier than the day you bought it.

UV Protection

The UV protection of our coatings protects gelcoats, paint, rubbers, and plastics against aging and color fading.

Unmatched Gloss and Shine

Once No Mediocre coats your boat or vehicle it will stand out from all others. The shine and depth of ceramic coating is something to behold.

No Mediocre Automotive Ceramic Coatings are the most durable coatings available to protect your investment. Our products won’t be washed away or removed thru environmental hazards. 

Barrier Against Life

Our Nano ceramic coatings allow us to create an ultra-smooth hydrophobic surface. This creates a consistent anti-stick factor making it extremely easy to clean

Self-Cleaning Effect

Once your coating has fully cured it becomes extremely hydrophobic (water repellent); water will roll off the surface grabbing any dirt and grime along the way. Washing will become easy and the need for heavy detergents and chemicals will become obsolete.

Ceramic Coatings are the most versatile coating on the planet. With its wide range of uses there is literally no surface that we can’t protect.

Oxidation Barrier

No Mediocre uses a layer able product that has a penetrating foundation that can be built up creating a protective layer that seals your paint or gelcoat

Flexible Coating

Ceramics have been proven to be perfect for surfaces exposed to expansion and deformation such as flexing of fiberglass and plastics. The coating wont flake or crack like acrylic sealants. This allows Ceramics to be applied to virtually any surface including upholstery.

Showroom Shine

The thickness of ceramic coatings can range from 50nm to several micron meters. This thickness gives your paint a gloss you cannot get with other sealants. 

Boat Coatings

The most unique feature for boat owners is the ability to reduce drag, when the coating is applied to the hull of the boat it reduces surface tension creating higher speeds and increased fuel economy at cruising speeds.


Since they are heat-resistant to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit BRAKE CALIPERS AND VALVE COVERS CAN BE PROTECTED AND it won’t melt off.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth it?

No Mediocre ceramic coatings offer unmatched protection for all components of boats or vehicles. Ceramics can withstand the known harsh conditions of salt, road grime, tar and just about anything life throws at your vehicle or watercraft. Today’s procedures to clean a painted surface properly are exhausting and not environmentally friendly. With a No Mediocre ceramic coating, the coating is so repellent to harsh conditions and elements that the cleaning process will no longer be a problem. This product cannot be compared to anything currently on the market and must be placed into a category of its own. Once we apply the Nano ceramic coating to the surface the need for waxes and other off the shelve products become obsolete. These non-yellowing coatings will transform itself on the surface to become a ridged, flexible slick glass shield bonding and protecting the substrate. Ceramics will not be removed by chemicals detergents or acids

Why Choose No Mediocre?

Our goal at No Mediocre is quality over quantity. We are not trying to turn over a high volume of cars, instead our goal is to keep it small and deliver a high-quality finished product (not a mediocre one). By doing this it allows us to give you ride the time and attention to get it in the absolute best condition. We are a small business, which allows us to reduce overhead costs. Not having to pay for a fancy shop also allows us to give our customers a better value and ensures every job is done flawlessly. Our services are noticed as above the industry standard. This will make your ride stand out from any other ceramic coating in the industry. We believe your vehicle to be an investment that you should be proud of. Our ceramic coatings will protect your PPF (Paint Protection Film), Carbon Fiber and paint. It’s a common sense investment for any vehicle or boat you’re wanting to be proud of and retain its value and shine. Since ceramics can only be removed through abrasion like wet sanding and are a semi-permanent coating, we make sure we renew the original color of your vehicle and remove scratches and swirl marks before we even start applying the coating. We understand the cutting-edge protective technology of ceramic Nano coatings and rest assure you’re in good hands with us. Don’t be fooled by fly by night companies applying these coatings without the knowledge and experience it takes to apply them properly. It’s common sense to make the most of your investment by hiring a professional. Remember you can have a job done right, fast or cheap but not all of them. When we are done with a job, all we hear is WOW. We provide high-quality work—including professional car detailing—that mobile work or someone with lesser experience cannot achieve. As the owner of No mediocre, and a car enthusiast myself, I am not only passionate about cars but understand the care and attention to detail required. Your car will be in my direct care from the time you show up, to the time you drive away smiling. 

To discover more about our amazing automotive ceramic coating and car detailing services in Georgetown, TX, call us today