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Mobile Detailing Packages

Anything but Standard Detailing Package

Our anything but standard detailing packages are our entry level package. This package is above par from what you would expect from your dealership detail with the convenience of a mobile service without leaving your place of work or comfort of your home. Our mobile Detailing service is changing  the standard of your opinion of mobile service.


During our interior detailing we use only the highest quality products and Top-Of-The-Line-Detailing equipment paired with an advanced skill set to ensure your vehicle will be maintained in a fashion to preserve its condition and value for years to come.

  • Vacuum

    • All Carpet Areas​

  • High Pressure blow out

    • Under seats​

    • Seat Tracks

    • Vents

    • Cup Holders

    • Instrument Cluster

    • Door pockets

    • Door jams

    • Trunk

    • Ect​​

  • Steam Cleaning

    • Under Seats​

    • Seat Tracks

    • Vents

    • Cup Holders

    • Door pockets

    • Door Jams

    • Ect

  • Wipe Down and Protectant

    • All Interior Plastic/Vynal/rubber surfaces including door seals

  • Interior Glass

  • Hot Water Extraction all Carpet Optional


During our exterior detailing we use only the highest quality products and Top-Of-The-Line-Detailing equipment paired with an advanced skill set to ensure your vehicle will be maintained in a fashion to preserve its condition and value for years to come. Unlike many detailing shops especially car washes that use methods that actually create swirl marks and damage to your vehicle over time we have developed a meticulous  10 step proven method only used by No Mediocre to flawlessly maintain your vehicle.We make sure to service the places most commonly missed by most detailing services such as barrels of wheels, suspension components, wheel wells, door jams, trunk jams, hinges, brake calipers, Ect.

  1. High Pressure Soft Water Rinse

  2. Low Pressure Soft Water Foam Cannon Wash

  3. High Pressure Soft Water Rinse

  4. Delicate 2 Bucket with grit guard  hand wash with microfiber mitt or soft touch sponge

  5. High Pressure Soft Water Rinse

  6. Wheel Scrub

  7. High Pressure Soft Water Wheel Rinse

  8. Microfiber Hand Dry

  9. High Pressure Air Blow Dry Crevices

  10. Tire Shine

  11. Optional chrome and exhaust tip polishing

Pristine Detailing Package


Everything in our "Anything But Standard Detailing" package Plus!!!

  • Upholstery Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning.

  • ​Leather Conditioner

  • Headliner Cleaning

  • Meticulous Steam Cleaning

    • Door Hinges

    • Trunk Hinges

    • Ect


Everything in our "Anything But Standard Detailing" package Plus!!!

  • Under-carriage wash

  • Trim Renewal​

No Mediocre Signature Detailing Package

In this detail package we will be detailing things that have not been cleaned since the car has been built


Everything in our "Pristine Detailing" package Plus!!!

  • Delicate cleaning of interior trim and instrument cluster ​with professional delicate chemicals and professional brushes

  • Meticulous Cloth Trim Cleaning and steaming

  • Fabric Protection  for all Cloth and Carpets​ optional

  • Stain and discoloration spot cleaning

  • Add Interior or Trim Ceramic Coating for additional Charge


Everything in our "Pristine Detailing" package Plus!!!

  • De-ironize Paint ​with iron-X

  • Clay Bar optional if needed

  • Removal Of Any Old Wax 

  • Polishing and Paint Correction

  • Polymer Paint Protection Coating or 6 Month Ceramic Coating or Ceramic Coating Reload or add our 3,5,7, or 10 Year Ceramic Coating for Additional Charge

  • Engine Steam Cleaning and Dressing

  • Add Valve Cover, Brake Caliper, Wheel, or Glass Ceramic Coating for Additional Charge

No Mediocre Exotic Detailing Package

Our "No Mediocre Signature package" still isn't enough hire Logan our World Class Master Detailer and owner of No Mediocre to  provide the exact service you desire at $135 per hour plus supplies. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between quality and convenience.

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"Mediocrity is a choice. I hope you choose to say ‘NO! with No Mediocre Auto and Marine Detail.

Maintenance Detailing Package (Top pick for routine clients)

Full Detailing Package (Most Popular)

This Package includes 1.5 hours of Interior Detailing or 2 hours for interior/exterior detailing, In this package we perform the services we see most fit to make a drastic improvement in your vehicles appearance in an allotted time frame. For most vehicles this includes, Interior: air purging all cracks and crevices, thorough vacuum, wipe down of all panels, cleaning glass. Exterior: entire body hand wash, deep cleaning of barrels of wheels, wheel well's (wheel arches), brake calipers, lugs nuts, running boards, door jams, and trunk jams.

This Package includes everything the maintenance detail does with 2.25 hours of interior detailing or 3 hours for interior/ exterior typically the additional time is spent removing tar, excess bugs, steam cleaning seats, leather conditioning, detail brushing delicate interior components, or is recommended for new clients or excessively dirty vehicles. (you can always add additional services or time to your detail.)