New Car Inspection and Detail!

A major misconception when purchasing a "new" vehicle is that the vehicle will be blemish, contamination, scratch and swirl free!  Unfortunately...that is not the case.  What most buyers do not understand is that vehicles that are at dealerships do not magically appear there, they go through:

1. Extreme conditions (snow, heavy rains, heat and excessive sun) when being transported to the dealership.

2. During the transportation process (uncovered on a truck), these vehicles collect  dirt, dust, contaminations, fallout and more depending on where they are coming from!

3. Upon arrival at the dealership, these "new" vehicles are ​welcomed by getting ran through a car wash, wiped down with a towel and put out on the lot.

4. Lastly, these cars sit out on the lot, in the hot sun, rain, winds (collecting more dust, debris and contamination) until someone purchases them, which could be days, months or years! 

Our New Car Prep Package is an extensive and thorough assessment and detail of your vehicle, designed to correct any issues (mentioned above) with the vehicle prior to taking ownership.  We want to give you what you deserve and expect when purchasing a new vehicle by allowing you to begin your journey with a properly detailed, maintained and defect free vehicle!

New Car Prep Process:


· Thorough examination of the vehicle

· Determine whether paint has swirls, scratches, overspray or other defects

· Foam bath + 2-bucket hand wash

· Blow out excess water from cracks, emblems, mirrors, wheel wells

· Microfiber hand dry

· Engine detail

· Clay bar decontamination treatment

· Address paint defects (if any) 

· Polish, wax and seal paint

· Rims and tires cleaned and dressed


· Examine interior for defects, stains, scratches, etc..

· Properly address any defects 

· Clean and protect upholstery (leather or cloth)

· Interior & exterior windows cleaned 

· Door jambs cleaned 

· Light vacuum

Additional Services:

· Ceramic Coatings 

When purchasing a new vehicle, contact No Mediocre at 737-245-4376 to ensure that it is meticulously and properly detailed, the second it is driven off the lot.   Do not allow the dealership to perform a "dealer detailing" on your vehicle, we will take care of all of your vehicles detailing needs so that you're able to fully enjoy your new purchase! 

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