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Exterior Wash

During our exterior detailing we use only the highest quality products and Top-Of-The-Line-Detailing equipment paired with an advanced skill set to ensure your vehicle will be maintained in a fashion to preserve its condition and value for years to come. Unlike many detailing shops especially car washes that use methods that actually create swirl marks and damage to your vehicle over time we have developed a meticulous  10 step proven method only used by No Mediocre to flawlessly maintain your vehicle. 

  1. High Pressure Soft Water Rinse

  2. Low Pressure Soft Water Foam Cannon Wash

  3. High Pressure Soft Water Rinse

  4. Delicate 2 Bucket with grit guard  hand wash with microfiber mitt

  5. High Pressure Soft Water Rinse

  6. Wheel Scrub

  7. High Pressure Soft Water Wheel Rinse

  8. Microfiber Hand Dry

  9. High Pressure Air Blow Dry Crevices

  10. Tire Shine

  11. Wheel well cleaning

  12. Barrels of wheels

  13. Calpiers