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Marine and Boat Detailing 

Detail Package

Basic detail includes following at $26 per foot


21 foot boat $546, 31 foot boat $806



Vacuum interior

Clean inside windows

High intensity stain pre treatment

Clean cup holders, tables, cubbies

Full interior deep cleaning

Clean and condition leather, vinyl and plastics



Spot free wash and dry

Clean outside windows

High quality cream wax or ceramic coating upgrade optional

Oxidation removal 

Compound and buff to restore shine

Al La Cart

Wash boat trailer: $1 per foot

Wash and wax boat trailer $3 per foot

Wash wax and compound boat trailer $5 per foot

Teak swim deck treatment $165

Engine blow out and cleaning $50

Fabric stain guard $6 per foot

Wax boats interior cockpit $7 per foot

Wax and compound interior cockpit $15 per foot

Wax Boat arch $65

Wax and compound boat arch $70

Clean boats cover $3 per foot

Cover water guard repellent $210

Wash shade Bimini top $60

Any waxing can be substituted for ceramic coating 


Ceramic coating with 2 stage polishing and paint correction as follows

5 year coating other costings available upon request

Interior hard surfaces $45 per foot

Interior Vinyl $26 per foot

Interior all surfaces including windows, metal, ect. $77 per foot

Exterior boat surfaces $32 per foot

Boat trailer prices vary drastically depending on condition and if boat is on trailer or off.

Starting at $18 per foot


Boat wheel polishing and ceramic coating $110 per wheel