A Little About the Logan the Owner!

Updated: May 19, 2020

I wasn’t very far along into my detailing career when I realized that the industry was filled with employees who viewed car detailing as a transient position, and business owners who were more concerned with the number of cars they served than the quality of their actual service. As a result, there was a large population of dissatisfied car owners who simply couldn’t find the premium detailing services they were looking for. I recognized that void and decided to fill it.

​With over 8 years of experience, Im still filling that same niche by delivering premium car care services to automobile owners who won’t accept anything less. My long-term, relationship-based approach has turned me into a trusted resource and sounding board for my clients. My years of experience and commitment to new technologies and products allows me to give the best service possible.

All in all, car enthusiasts come to me because they know Im someone they can trust — there’s really no greater compliment than that.

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